How Does Recreational and Medical Cannabis Work?

Thinking of giving recreational cannabis a try but want to know all about it first?

All About Cannabis

Cannabis comes from the marijuana plant, which contains about a hundred or so ‘cannabinoids’, or chemicals. All these chemicals will produce a different effect on your body.

In medical cannabis, the most-used compound is CBD, with THC being a close second.

Cannabis can be consumed several different ways. Today, consumers can take them as a mix of seeds, leaves, stems and flowers, as a joint or cigarette, in a bong, a blunt and even as a tincture or concentrated oils.

Moreover, cannabis may be used as ingredients in food, such as cookies or tea and depending on the consumer’s preference.

Cannabis Symptoms

Using marijuana can make you feel more relaxed. In some, their senses get sharper in terms of taste, hearing and sight.

One of the more well-known symptom of taking recreational or medicinal cannabis is the case of the ‘munchies’, where the user feels hungry and has increased appetite. In some, they might feel hungry or experience euphoria for a short time.

The Benefits of Medical and Recreational Cannabis

Pain Relief

One of the main reasons why people take cannabis is for easing the pain they feel. You can find a local Los Angeles dispensary and get the lowdown from the experts themselves, they have many kinds of cannabis to help the customer. Most of them will help you relax and ease the muscles that’s causing the painful sensation.

The good thing about cannabis consumption is that there’s very little harm in doing them as long as you know your limits. The side effects are minimal compared to conventional pain relievers because they’re more natural.

Stress Relief

In a stressful world, people are looking to cannabis as a form of relaxation. It’s a healthier alternative than drinking alcoholic beverages and it’s easier on the liver too.

Some of the known benefits include reduced anxiety and feeling a good sense of well-being. If you’re wound too tight at the end of the day, cannabis can help you lower stress to manageable levels.

Treat Conditions

Medical marijuana may be used to address conditions such as epilepsy, loss of appetite, muscle spasms, nausea and others. Its largely therapeutic effect helps reduce nausea, chronic pain and stiff or tight muscles.