If you are in the Big Apple or elsewhere, and you are looking for a quality NYC facelift, there are some considerations that you need to ask for yourself.

Are you doing it for facial cosmetic surgery or facial reconstructive surgery?

Facial cosmetic surgery is performed to reshape the normal structure of the face, to improve your form and appearance, according to your discretion.

Facial reconstructive surgery, on the other hand, is for the restoration of your appearance to a normal condition after you have experienced a traumatic injury (due to accident) and damaged the appearance of your face or you might want to alter congenital defects from birth.

Whether is it cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, your facial surgeon will use skin, tissues, bone or muscle from other parts of your body through a microvascular free flap procedure.


Before proceeding with your NYC facelift, be properly informed about the professional profile of your facial surgeon. This is a delicate procedure that you should be careful about:

  • The surgeon should be Board Certified. The doctor should have certification that he had at least 6 years of surgical training with 2 to 3 years of this period devoted to plastic surgery. He should have passed rigid oral and written exams and has consistently executed safe and ethical facial surgical practice.
  • The Surgeon’s Facility for Operation Has Accreditation. This guarantees that the strict standards for safety, equipment, credentials and staffing needs are met.
  • Relevant Questions Are Asked. They are literally doctors who should be treating you holistically. Your medical history should be taken into consideration seriously even if you are only undergoing cosmetic surgery.
  • There should be No Overselling of Additional Services. This is not a department store where the sales staff can offer you any merchandise that they have in the store. Similarly, if the surgeon is suggesting procedures that are way above your needs or with alleged benefits you can’t comprehend, maybe there’s something wrong somewhere.
  • You Should Feel Comfortable. Above all else, you should be at ease with your facial surgeon who should be telling you the facts straight when you seek facial plastic or reconstructive surgery.


For a reputable and well established facial surgery you can count on, visit myfacesurgeon.com online and schedule for an appointment. Your NYC facelift will be accomplished successfully after you have met with our resident facial surgeon and have discussed all the advanced options that we have at our facility.