How Do I Find Out If A Plastic Surgeon Is Board Certified

So you think your face doesn’t look right and have decided to undergo a facelift or rhinoplasty procedure to improve your face or nose? Well, then you need to find the best cosmetic surgeon to ensure good results. Facial surgery is a delicate surgical procedure done to improve the appearance of one’s face. Because it’s a delicate and challenging procedure, you’ll want to find a highly qualified plastic surgeon, particularly the one who has specialized in facial cosmetic surgery

How to find the best facial cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills

If you’re looking for the best surgeon for your nose job or facelift surgery in Beverly Hills, here are some important factors to keep in mind.

1. Ask Around

The first thing to do in order to find the best facial cosmetic surgeon is creating a list of potential cosmetic surgeons near you. Ask your friends, family or your doctor for recommendations. An alternative is to search for the name of the provider online. There are several review websites such as Yelp that show patient satisfaction ratings, and these can give you insight into how experienced or reputable is the doctor. 

2. Research Experience and Credentials 

Take time to investigate the surgeons’ experience and credentials. You need to find a surgeon who is board certified in cosmetic or plastic surgery, maxillofacial or oral surgery, otolaryngology or rhinoplasty. If you want a nose job, find a surgeon has many years performing rhinoplasty and has demonstrated consistently favorable results. An experienced surgeon will be better skilled in anticipating and preventing complications.

Also, it’s important to check with the state medical board or other agencies such as BBB for a history of disciplinary actions or malpractice claims against the surgeon

3. Examine Hospital Performance

Successful cosmetic surgery requires a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals. So, you need to check the overall quality of care and commitment to patient safety at the clinic or hospital where the plastic surgeon practices.

Also, find out where the surgeon treats his or her patients; then research those mortality and complication rates of the particular hospital. Some websites also rate hospitals and clinics on patient safety such as preventing infections, medical errors, injuries, etc. You’ll have a lower risk of having complications if you choose a hospital or clinic with a 5-star rating 

4. Interview the Surgeon

To narrow down your list of potential surgeons, contact each surgeon and book an appointment to meet and interview the surgeon. Does the surgeon answer all your questions in a way you understand and respect your opinions? Does the surgeon tell you about potential complications?

A good surgeon will walk you through the entire procedure, tell you about the potential complications, and give you references to his previous clients. He or she should also show you before and after pictures of his previous patients. 

These tips will help you choose a good cosmetic surgeon for your facelift or rhinoplasty procedure. Robert Kotler MD is a highly skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills who you can trust. Visit to book an appointment.